Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Inspirational Quotes #2

Hello Loves,

Today is Hump Day, also known as Wednesday, so I wanted to give you guys a few quotes I found on tumblr to help you through the rest of your week!

And my favorite...
Hope you are all having a good week and these inspirational quotes help you get through to the weekend a little bit quicker!
I love you all.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kepping Leather Cool

Hi my loves,

So it is almost Fall, but we still have a few more weeks of summer and warm weather left. I decided to create a transitional outfit inspiration for the leather trend. Leather can be found everywhere this Fall and its never to early to start rocking a trend.

This outfit incorporates leather shorts and boots. The stripped crop top and beanie add a punk/grunge look to the outfit, which is also a trend for the upcoming season. Touches of gold add the final details to complete the look.

If you like these outfit posts and want to give me an idea for my next outfit inspiration leave a comment!

Lot of Love