Sunday, July 22, 2012

Never Never Land

Fashion trends always come back around. Like leggings and neon colors, Peter Pan Collars are back once again. Whether they are connected to a shirt or dress or worn as a cute accessory, this preppy neckwear adds to any outfit.
A Peter Pan Collar is a flat and round-cornered collar of a peice of clothing. It was named after the collar of the costume worn  by actress Maude Adams, in 1905, in her role of Peter Pan.

Many celeberties have taken to this fashion trend.

Alexa Chung

Emma Watson

Hailee Steinfeld

I am happy for say that after a long search for a detachable Peter Pan Collar I found one today at the Flee Market. I cannot wait for a chance to wear it.  

What do you think of this trend? Let me know!


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