Friday, August 10, 2012

Social Media

Remember when everyone was paranoid about social media because they didn't want to get kidnapped by some creep on myspace? That was every body's biggest fear of the Internet. Now with all the social media out there, everybody seems obsessed. Making new friends online is just one of the many exciting parts of social media.
I felt like writing a post today about social media because last night I finally started a Pintrest account. I know that I may be late on the Pintrest trend but I can't help but become addicted. Being an aspiring designer I love all the inspiration that could be found on the site.

Instagram is also a part of my daily routine, checking it at least three or four times a day, if not more.

Sites like Polyvore (which I am not sure is considered social media?), is a great way to express yourself through fashion and everyone can see your creativity.

So what do you think about all the social media sites online? Which are your favorite and which have become overrated in your opinion?


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